Combining a scholarly background in cultural studies, aesthetic philosophy, and art history together with international experience as a curator and gallery director, Firestone applies a multi-perspective understanding of art to guide brands into strategic creative partnerships. Firestone launched her practice based upon her theoretical writings that offer critical analyses of today's [brand x art] collaborations as the contributing Art Theorist for Highsnobiety Magazine (read her Art-icles).Working with both start-ups and established companies in domains including street-wear, fashion, liquor, and real estate, Firestone goes beyond marketing strategy to successfully incorporate art into the organizational spheres through either curation (art for a space) or collaboration (artist for a product).

After critically assessing a brand's architecture and goals, Firestone works from ideation to realization to launch creative projects, products, events, or spaces that will enhance and visually communicate a brand and an artist's narrative harmoniously. As a creative writer, Firestone helps brands to define their voices through her mastery of language, wordplay, and humor.

Firestone's newest project is Art.Partment, launched in 2018 by curating one of Ryan Serhant's Million Dollar Listings New York with Darryl Sherman. Curating artworks in every room, from closet to bathroom to bedroom to den, of residential properties, Firestone allows for clients interested in properties to discover new artworks, and for art collectors and enthusiasts to discover real estate. Importantly, these exhibitions present creative and clever ways to integrate art out of the gallery and into a living space.

Firestone's previous projects have included creative partnerships with a diverse range of emerging and established brands, artists, and creative agencies, including: Sotheby's, Paddle8, Ladurée, Surface to Air, Hennessy V.S., TheseFineWalls, Harper's Bazaar, Fabergé, Michael Dweck, Jeremyville, Team Epiphany, amongst others. Notably, Firestone was the Head of Curation for New York City's largest public art exhibition, the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, which featured over two-hundred art and brand partnerships.