A Creative Agency Specializing in Art x Brand Strategy  

Combining international experience as a brand critic and curator together with a scholarly formation in Cultural Studies and art history in the US and France, Anya Firestone guides brands and artists into strategic creative partnerships.

Working with both start-ups and established companies in domains including street-wear, real estate, fashion, and finance, Firestone goes beyond marketing strategy to successfully incorporate art into the organizational sphere through modes such as curation (art for a space) and collaboration (artist for a product). After critically assessing a brand's architecture and goals, Firestone works from ideation to realization to launch creative projects or products with an artist in a way that is authentic to his or her creative goals and repertoire. 

Firestone's keen ability to pair artworks or artists for brands and derives directly from her expertise in aesthetic philosophy and the curatorial field. "Curating is the highest form of creative strategy," she explains. "To stage an exhibition is to communicate a story, value, and heritage of objects and through text and experience. The ultimate goal is to elicit a predetermined response and appreciation for what is shown and how it is presented to a public. That, too, is creative marketing."

 Firestone launched the agency based upon her theoretical writings that offer critical analyses of today's [brand x art] collaborations. Firestone continues to contribute as the Art x Brand Critic for Highsnobiety Magazine (read her Art-icles). Firestone is an award winning writer, for both brand copywriting and creative poetry and prose. She is the contributing art critic for Highsnobiety Magazine, where she applies a unique perspective to analyze {brand x artist} collaborations from both an art historical and marketing perspective.

Anya Firestone's previous projects have included creative partnerships with a diverse range of emerging and established companies, galleries, and artists including: Fabergé, Nestskeekers, Sotheby's, Paddle8, Ladurée, Surface to Air, Hennessy V.S., TheseFineWalls, Maison Gerard, Harden, Harper's Bazaar, Michael Dweck Studio, Jeremyville, Team Epiphany, amongst others. Notably, Firestone served as the Head of Curation for New York City's largest public art exhibition, the Fabergé Big Egg Hunt, which featured over two-hundred art and brand partnerships.